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Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Batchelor Middle School, Home of the Bulldogs!


Batchelor is an exciting community where we believe all students can learn at high levels. We have designed our school wide programming to meet the needs of all students. Students who may struggle will find resources to help them achieve. Students who are "getting" the material more quickly will find opportunities to expand their learning.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. We have created a school climate where students and teachers are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity. All students should have the opportunity to attend school without fear.


We believe it is important to help students negotiate through the struggles of academic and personal life. It takes the whole community to make it work. Students are expected to help each other as well as seek help when needed. We can only succeed if we work as a team.


MCCSC is currently seeking a new principal to lead the Batchelor community into the exciting future!